Bitdefender and Kaspersky happen to be two of the industry’s many well-respected antivirus suites, and they the two offer first-class malware detection scores, cost-effective pricing, and a barrage of extra features. But which is he best option for you for you? Keep reading to find out!

Both equally services offer a variety of bonus features, including anti-tracker tools, a VPN, file shredders, and password managers. However , Bitdefender’s a standout in the added feature category with its advanced, intuitive user interface plus more comprehensive customization options.

The solution allows you to create security tastes so that it quickly adjusts the features according on your usage practices. It also has a dedicated community forum for customers to find out and get answers out of fellow users. It’s a great way to save time and skip waiting in phone support queues!

A second exclusive feature that Bitdefender offers is definitely the Rescue Environment. This function provides an impressive hidden zone on your C drive which can be booted in to to run a scan and remove malicious types of malware that have penetrated deep in to the system data files. Kaspersky also offers a similar characteristic, but it’s sold separately and does not come with their antivirus fit.

Both service providers offer email, chat, and phone support. Bitdefender’s also got helpful resources a huge expertise base with articles on a variety of topics that will help both equally power users and those who are a new comer to the cybersecurity game. In addition, they host a live web conferencing that you can tackle get quick answers to the specific inquiries.